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You definitely know what you want to be doing and where you want your career to go, the question is ... how do you get there.   You're not sure where to start.  There's so much to decide ... and do!  

So instead of making plans and moving forward you find yourself hunting through the job ads again ... and again ... and again, never quite brave enough to apply ... or if you do, getting a lot of rejection emails.  Or worse, no response at all ....


You know you've got to be smart about how you go about setting up your career.  The world of work is changing and you can't just rest on your laurels.  You've got to keep learning new skills all the time.


Career Coaching

My Career Coaching packages are tailored to your individual needs.  Together we will:

  • Delve into the "why" that's driving you on your career journey

  • Develop a clear set of career goals and an action plan

  • Explore your strengths and past experience

  • Look at your personality type and how it can be your secret weapon

  • Uncover the mindset barriers that will stop you from succeeding if you don't deal with them NOW

  • How to use video to practice interviewing techniques

  • How to build a more impactful CV

  • Go through your LinkedIn profile and maximise it for career success

  • Decide how you will help recruiters and managers find out about you and your amazing talents

  • Learn how to use social media to build your public profile

  • Learn how to set things up so you can track how successful your efforts are to raise your public profile

My Career Coaching package will help you build solid foundations for your career, even if you decide to change focus in the future.  It will also help you get a plan in place and start taking action in as short a time as possible.

So put away that job ad you were looking at and click on the button below to contact me. 


We'll set up a time to have a quick chat to see if we're the right fit for each other and if we are, you'll start seeing the value very quickly.

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