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If You Already Know You Want To Make A Move Into The Entrepreneurial World, What Would You Like To Do?
You've got some really good reasons to set up your own business. 


And you thought you were ready to make the jump.  But lately, you're really starting to wonder ....


You're struggling with so many things.  Finding the right idea.  Learning how to get customers.  Making the shift from employee or stay-at-home parent to business owner. 


And the technology!  Oh. My. Goodness!  Who knew there were so many technical things you had to figure out!


And your mindset is all over the place.  You're having more and more negative thoughts, terrified that maybe you've made the wrong choice.  And you're feeling paralysed by all the decisions you have to make on a constant, daily basis.


But you want this SO MUCH ...!


Maybe you want to have more control over your day and what you do with the time  you've been given.


Or perhaps you want to be able to spend more time with the people you care about.


AND you definitely want to be able to make a difference in this world ... even if it's something that's been done before ... like helping other people build better mouse traps.  Or teaching kids how to deal with bullying or stress.

I've been there too.  My biggest problem was trying to decide exactly HOW to help people.  I have a Chief Information Officer background and over 15 years experience in helping people use digital technology.  So I had a lot of things to choose from.  But that old problem of "paralysis by analysis" nearly stopped me cold.

And don't even get me started on "shiny object syndrome"!  When I finally made the leap from corporate employee to business owner, there were so many new things to research and learn and try out, that it was almost impossible NOT to get distracted.


So it took me WAY longer than it should have to figure things out for my business.  But I finally did.  Partly because I was determined to succeed and partly because I joined a supportive group of people who were trying ... same as me ... to get their new business up and running.


And ever since, my heart goes out to people going through that same, tough start up phase.


In fact, the Online Business Launch Pad series started as a result of a pilot that I did with Vision Australia, where we put a group of blind and partially sighted people through the program.  And it's just grown from there. 

Just imagine if you could be part of a supportive group of people, all helping each other break through the barriers and build a successful business ... one that gives you the control you need, really helps others ... and makes money.

At Online Business Launch Pad, we're here to help you get started, WITHOUT wasting time, money or energy on things that WON'T work for you or your business.  

"We are creating and developing an online platform.  At the moment our business has been valued at $5 million and the industry in Australia is worth 1.25 billion dollars a year. There is no online platform of its kind in the market and we aim to dominate this opportunity very soon. It is thanks to a lot of the things I learnt through your course that has allowed me to contribute what I am to this business, thank you for that.”  

— Ben Pettingill


"I want to share my excitement! After my biz coaching session with Trudy, I was so inspired by the ideas, and the strategy that I put it out to the following I’m slowly building @in.the.ra on instagram. And the response has been AMAZING! Their enthusiasm is exciting, can’t wait to put this community together!"

— Jess Anwyl, In The Ra

"Trudy has helped us bring an idea into reality. Her understanding of the start-up process has given us a framework to work from to bring us to a successful launch. We continue to rely on her expertise in the next phase of our business. Her energy and enthusiasm complement her knowledge to make her the perfect mentor and to inspire through times of challenge.”  

— Emanuel Millen, 

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