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Advice from experts who have been there and done that

I fully believe in learning from the best. Here are interviews I have recorded with some of the best in the business.


Julian Tatton - The Mind Group

In this interview, Julian Tatton from Mind Group, explains why helping clients is actually good for you and gives some great tips on how to really understand the problems our clients are facing.

Julian Tatton - Mind Group - Trudy Rankin and Julian Tatton
The Mind Gourp

Rumi Shivaz - Midas Infomedia

In his presentation, "A Rave About Resilience", Rumi Shivaz from Midas Infomedia, explains how he copes with intense stress.  His proven process can help leaders like you (or anyone else) who is in the middle of a high stress situation, not only cope, but take control of how your body is reacting to that stress.  Click on the link below to watch the video.

"A Rave About Resilience"

Mark Owens - Role Consultant

In this interview, Mark Owens from Role Consultant, talks about how he got started as a consultant and gives some great advice about making sure we can do the things we get the most energy from every day.

Mark Owens - Trudy Rankin and Mark Owens

Rose McMahon - People Tactics

In this interview, Rosie McMahon from People Tactics, explains the "why" of what she does, gives wise advice to anyone starting a consulting practice and tells us about the biggest challenge she deals with as a consultant.

Rosie McMahon - Trudy Rankin and Rosie McMahon

Other Useful Podcasts

The Art of Paid Traffic - Rick Mulready

If you're looking for help with creating and running ads, Rick's podcast will help. Listen here.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast - Pat Flynn

There is tons of advice here from someone who has tried many different online business models and tells us what works and what doesn't.  He also interviews experts and shares their knowledge. Well worth a listen.

The C Method - Christina Canters

Whether you're petrified of speaking in public ... or just want to know how to do "small talk" better, Christina's podcasts are full of good advice, as well as bouncy and fun.  Click here to listen to an interview Christina did with me about having the confidence to sell your skills or your services.  

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