Julian Tatton - Mind Group - Trudy Rankin and Julian Tatton

6 June 2016

In this interview, Julian Tatton from Mind Group, explains why helping clients is actually good for you and gives some great tips on how to really understand the problems our clients are facing.



Julian's website can be found at


Julian can be contacted via his LinkedIn profile or his MindGroup website



Mark Owens - Role Consultant - Trudy Rankin and Mark Owens

6 May 2016

In this interview, Mark Owens from Role Consultant, talks about how he got started as a consultant and gives some great advice about making sure we can do the things we get the most energy from every day.



Mark can be contacted at:



Rosie McMahon - People Tactics - Trudy Rankin and Rosie McMahon

6 April 2016

In this interview, Rosie McMahon from People Tactics, explains the "why" of what she does, gives wise advice to anyone starting a consulting practice and tells us about the biggest challenge she deals with as a consultant.



Rosie's website can be found at


Rosie can be contacted at:


Her recommended book about Organisational Design is:


Economists Guide to Organisational Design by Naomi Stanford (the link takes you to the Amazon Australia store)