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What I offer and how that benefits you

Are you a business with multiple or complicated products and services?  Do your sales and support staff spend a lot of time dealing with tire kickers and people who want your help, but don't want to pay for it?

We will work with you to turn the expert product and service knowledge that you and your staff have into online diagnostic tools that will:


  • help customers pick the right product or service for them

  • save your staff time as they serve customers

  • help your staff serve customers more effectively

  • stops the tire kickers and time stealers before they get to your sales staff

  • gives you data about what your customers really want and need from you

  • help you find hidden markets that you can target with new products and services

Digital Segmentation Strategy Development

We help you:

  • Know who your customers really are and what their situation is.

  • Give them a highly personalised experience when they visit your website.

  • Discover hidden markets.

  • Stop the competition from copying your marketing approach.

Digital Segmentation Strategies

Diagnostic Tools

We help you:

  • Turn your expertise into tools that save you and your customers time.

  • Get your customers to tell you what they really want from you.

  • Stop wasting time on people who want your help, but don't want to pay ....

Diagnostic Tool Development

Understand Your Customer

We help you:

  • Design questions that get responses.

  • Ask your customers for you, so you don't have to guess.

  • Analyse the responses and find the hidden gold.

  • Report the results.

  • Recommend next steps.

Understand Your Customer

Custom Solutions

Need something that doesn't quite fit in one of these packages?

Talk to us about creating a custom solution to meet your needs.

Custom Solutions

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