Are Potential Customers Walking Away? Stop Making This One Stupid Mistake …

“Paddle!” my coach yelled.

I did. I paddled like 10,000 demons were after me.


The frothing green wave swept around my rented SUP (stand up paddleboard) and left me floating dead in the water.

Woman in a blue bikini on a standup paddleboard meeting an oncoming wave

Sighing, I turned the board around, checked over my shoulder for another wave and lined things up to try again.

I was getting pretty frustrated … not to mention sore … after nearly an hour of unsuccessfully trying to catch … and then surf … a wave.

And my coaching session was nearly up.

I checked over my shoulder again, tensing my aching muscles in anticipation.

“Here it comes”, my coach yelled.

“Paddle. Paddle harder! Harder!!”

Nope. Not happening this time either. That foam-topped wave just swept right on past, leaving me doubled over, gasping for breath and feeling dispirited.

I was ready to give up.

I wobbled my way over to my coach, envying how he bobbed up and down on the waves with practiced ease.

I expected some sympathy. Some positive talk. You know … some “oh, you were so close, you’ll get it next time, for sure” talk.

I got none of that.

Instead, I got the full force of his 10,000 watt laser glare.

“I’d like to give you a good kick up the backside,” he snarled.

I stared at him, mouth agape.

“What?” I sputtered. “Why?”

“Because,” he spat through gritted teeth, “every time you try to catch the wave … every single stinking time … you give up just before you hit success.”

I didn’t believe him.

The problem must be something else.

I knew I had paddled hard. The ONLY reason I stopped paddling was because I could feel the wave breaking around me. And if it was breaking around me, it meant I’d missed it, so what was the point of keeping on paddling?

But … you don’t shell out good money for a coach and then not listen to their advice, right? I mean, that’s just another definition of insanity.

So I tried one more time.

And like every other time, that frustrating, uncaring wave passed me by.

But this time, instead of giving up in disappointment, I kept paddling like a mad thing. And paddled. And paddled some more.

And blow me down, I picked up enough speed that I actually caught up with the front of the wave.

Which promptly hurled me forward so powerfully that I nearly fell off.

It’s the same in the world of online business.

You try and you try and you try, but when the front of the wave races past … you give up.

And you bob around aimlessly, waiting for the next wave. And while you’re waiting you decide to try a different tactic, a different technique.

You change business models. You read about a different sure-fire way of getting traffic to your website. You discover another marketing guru to follow.

And you line yourself up for the next wave and start all over again.

And all that momentum you had before … is lost.

What if ...

What would happen if this time, you just kept paddling … even though it feels like the wave has passed you by? And kept paddling and kept paddling until your momentum gets you to the front of that wave.

How exhilarating would it feel to finally have that surge of success! To have that wave grab you and fling you into a new future.

Man and dog standing on a standup paddle board surrounded by calm water

It would be amazing!

“Yeah, sure. Sounds nice”, I can hear you thinking.

“But that was a truckload of work just to get me to where I’m now bobbing aimlessly in the water and now I’m completely out of energy. My arms are completely out of juice. There is no more paddle left in them.”

I hear you.

I’ve been there myself with my online business.

But I figured out a way to get things moving again and that “way” is helping me catch bigger and bigger waves.

Want to know what it is?

My wave catching recipe ...

My recipe for building up momentum is pretty simple and here it is.

There are three steps:

  1. Line up your board with the direction the wave is going

  2. Keep paddling hard

  3. Let the wave’s power take over and move you forward

Sound weird? Yup. But it works.

Let me give you a bit more detail.

1. Line Up Your Board With The Direction The Wave Is Going

Trying to surf in the opposite direction that a wave is going would be pretty dumb, right?

I mean, obviously you’re not going to get anywhere except dunked into the water.

So why have I and so many other online businesses tried to sell people things they don’t want or need?

Because when you’re first starting out, you don’t know what you don’t know, so you figure out what you’re good at and you try to sell that.

Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn’t.

When it didn’t work for me, I went hunting for help.

In the process, I discovered Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method.

Ryan is super good at two things … writing marketing copy that sells and building lead generation funnels that work. He got super good by practicing a lot and now he’s a multi-millionaire that teaches other people how to do what he does.

In his book, ASK, Ryan explains how the simple (yet often neglected) act of asking people what their challenges are, is his secret to success.

He also shows you how to takes his ideas and turn them into very successful online lead generation funnels.

After having put his concepts into practice multiple times, the results are really clear.

Whenever I decide to create something I “think” people will want … they don’t. And I’ve wasted a lot of time, money and effort, not to mention energy.

But whenever I ask people what their challenges are and what would help, THEN go and create something … they do want it.

It’s so simple, but it can be hard to do. It means letting go of your ego and putting your customers in the driving seat. Your customers, not you, get to decide what you create in terms of products and services. They get to shape your business.

Obviously, not to the point where you don’t have the skills to give them what they need, but if that’s the case, then they probably aren’t your ideal clients anyway.

Not everyone can cope with the idea of putting the customers in the driver’s seat.

But if YOU can handle it, then I challenge you to reach out to your customers and ask them what they’re struggling with or would really, really like. Make that produce or service for them and start telling people it’s there.

Then head into the next part of my success equation.

2. Keep Paddling Hard

Helping people find you online is both an art and a science.

There are so many different ways of looking for clients.

You’ve heard of shiny object syndrome? Part of my problem was trying one way to attract clients and then when that didn’t instantly work, try another way.

The good news was that I learned a lot about different ways of generating leads.

The bad news was that, at first, I never stuck with anything long enough to make it work.

And I wasn’t the only one. I’ve seen a lot of people chase that next bright shiny object, that next “sure thing”, only to be disappointed and give up.

There is no such thing as instant success.

Some of the online hucksters out there would have you believe that you’ll get rich quick … “like they did” … but what they invariably neglect to mention is how many times they’ve failed or lost a lot of money while they were learning their craft before they “got rich quick”.

Their secret sauce product might look “instant”, but I can guarantee you the development of it was preceded by hundreds, if not thousands of hours of practice.

The trick is to not give up too soon, like I was doing with my paddleboard.

Keep developing your skills of online lead generation. Keep putting in the effort. Keep improving. And keep using the ASK Method.

The great thing about the ASK Method is that if you use it properly, not only will you understand people’s challenges, you’ll know the language they use to describe those challenges.

Being able to talk to people about their challenges in their own words is a very powerful attractor, so use it.

3. Let The Wave's Power Take Over And Propel You Forward

Now that you’ve done all the hard work, built up momentum and moved yourself to the front of the wave, it’s time to let the wave take over.

Scaling a business can be one of the trickiest times of the whole business building journey.

Your focus changes from “hands-on paddler” to “board-steerer”.

The wave does the work. Your job is to keep your balance and provide direction.

My "wave" is probably one of the best-kept secrets of the internet.

It’s a tool that lets me deeply personalise the experience people have when they visit landing pages pertinent to their interests.

That means I can serve everyone who comes to my site in a way that helps them … even if they aren’t ready for my products and services just yet.