Build Your Business With Our Online Business Lift-Off Program

You definitely know what you want your business to be about, but you're not sure where to start.  There's so much to decide ... and do!  

So instead of moving forward you find yourself sifting through your sock drawer ... again ... or reorganising the furniture ... or secretly wondering if maybe you're just not cut out to be a business owner. 


You know you've got to be smart about how you go about getting your business set up.  Money doesn't grow on trees and you NEED this business to start generating some income ... soon. 


You know you'll make mistakes and that's how we all learn, but you can't afford for those mistakes to be ones that could have been avoided if you'd just had someone you trusted that you could turn to for help.

Online Business Lift-Off Program

The Online Business Lift-Off Program is a 6 month coaching course where you will:

  • Learn how to make sure your business model fits your business AND (eventually) the lifestyle you're looking for

  • Discover the 5 habits you need that will increase your chances of business success

  • Uncover the mindset barriers that will stop you from succeeding if you don't deal with them NOW

  • Pick the technology you'll use to support your business

  • Decide how you will help customers find out about your products and services

  • Get help with the tech setup if you're someone who finds digital technology frustrating or hard to understand

  • Participate in regular group coaching calls

  • Learn how to set things up so you can track how successful your marketing and social media efforts are

  • Get the benefit of personal coaching sessions where we work with you 1-to-1

  • Be part of a supportive and sharing community who are on the same wavelength as you and have the same goals

THE Online Business Lift-Off Program will help you build solid foundations for your business.  It will also help you get it going in as short a time as possible ... providing that you listen and do the work.

So put away that stray sock and start taking positive action!

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